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Yangchang Jingbian CCS Project

Brief description:


Country: China

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Medium

Status: Identified

Year of operation 2014
Industry: Coal Power Plant
Chemical products

Capture method: Natural Gas Separation

Capture technology: Other
New or retrofit: New
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Type of storage: EOR

Volume: 360000 tonnes/CO2


The Yangchang Jingbian CCS Project is developed by Yangchang Petroleum, one of the four qualified enterprises for oil and gas exploration in China.

A capture facility with the capacity to capture 50,000 tonnes of CO2 per year was opened in 2012, and a capture facility that can capture an additional 360,000 tonnes annually is scheduled to open in 2014. The captured CO2 will be transported 200-250 km via pipelines to the onshore storage facility and be used for EOR.

Media and Other Sources

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