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World Bank CCS Trust Fund

Brief description:

The Carbon Capture and Storage Capacity Building Trust Fund was set up in 2009 by the Global CCS Institute and the Norwegian Government's joint contribution to the World Bank fund of US$8 million. This kick-started programmes to support CCS development and deployment in developing countries. Norway has since contributed a further US$3 million.

To date, seven country programmes have been supported - namely, Botswana, China, Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, South Africa, and the Maghreb region (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). Programmes are also under development in India and Indonesia.

Activities vary in size and scope, and include addressing legal and regulatory issues, investigating CO2 storage possibilities and supporting government-endorsed roadmaps for CCS development.

Norwegian government press release, December 2009

World Bank study: Carbon Capture and Storage in Developing Countries: a Perspective on Barriers to Deployment (August 2011)