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White Rose CCS Project

Brief description:


Main developer: Alstom

Country: United Kingdom

Project type: Capture

Scale: Large

Status: Feed study

Financal support:

Year of operation 2016
Industry: Coal Power Plant

MW capacity: 426

Capture method: Oxyfuel

Capture technology: Other
New or retrofit: New
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Type of storage: Saline aquifer

Volume: 2 mill tonnes/CO2


Partners Alstom, Drax and BOC plans to develop a 426MWe (gross) oxyfuel power and carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project. The proposal, named the White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage Project (White Rose CCS Project), seeked funding from the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Programme that was promoted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as well as European funding from the NER 300 programme. The latter it got July 2014, a 300 million Euro funding. When it comes to the DECC supported funding, this program was cancelled to most stakeholders surprise November 2015. 

Now the outcome of both the White Rose and Peterhead CCS projects are uncertain.

In September 2015 the utility partner Drax (UK’s largest power plant 50:50 coal and biomass) pulled out from the project as an equity partner.
This stems from UK government policy changes to biomass subsidies and taxation which impact on Drax’s existing business
They are currently challenging the UK government and DECC in court about this.  The project itself will continue to finalise the FEED studies and project bid to government by the end of 2015.  If the project is to go ahead they will need a replacement equity partner.
However it does raise questions as to whether there will be a viable consortium ready be early 2016 to take the project forward, which increases the pressure on the UK to come up with alternative options. 

In March 2013 the UK government announced that the project was one of two preferred bidders for the UK Government's £1 billion CCS Commercialisation Programme. The UK government would undertake discussions with the bidders to agree terms by the summer 2013 for Front End Engineering Design studies, which would last approximately 18 months. In July 2013 it was announced that White Rose was the only CCS project in the second round of NER300, and the European Commission awarded 300 million euros to White Rose in July 2014. The final decision has to be made by 2018, and operation by 2020. 

In December 2013 the UK government announced that Capture Power Limited, the consortium of Alstom, Drax and BOC, was awarded a Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) contract for the White Rose CCS Project. The final investment decision is scheduled for the end of 2015.

The White Rose Project's objective is full CCS commercialization, and the partners behind the project think there is a potential for the levelised cost of energy (LCoE) to be close to £100 by 2020 and significantly below £100 soon thereafter, based on the UK CCS Cost Reduction Taskforce report from 2013.

More Information and Press Releases

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As a separate associated project, National Grid will construct and operate the CO2 transport pipelines and, with partners, the permanent CO2 undersea storage facilities at a North Sea site.

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Main developer: Alstom

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