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University of Texas storage monitoring plan (WA Parish)

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Red Marker University of Texas storage monitoring plan (WA Parish)

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Capture Method:
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Capital cost:
29.7628844 -95.3830615


Scale: Large
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The University of Texas at Austin has received around $19 million from the US Department of Energy and NRG Energy to design and oversee a monitoring plan for the WA Parish CCS demonstration project at a coal-fired plant in south-east Texas. A portion of the CO2 from the plant's emissions will be scrubbed, transported to a nearby oil field and injected deep underground for EOR and long-term storage. The Bureau of Economic Geology's Gulf Coast Carbon Center will subcontract with NRG to monitor the CO2 during and after injection.

Scheduled to begin operating in 2014, NRG's CCS demonstration project at WA Parish will use amines to strip CO2 from flue gas volumes equivalent to a 60MW power plant. It will be designed to capture more than 90% of CO2 emissions, or about 400,000 tonnes ler annum, and will further guide the application of the technology at commercial scale.

The project is designed to show that post-combustion CCS applied to existing plants can be done economically, especially when the plant has the opportunity to sequester carbon dioxide in nearby oilfields. It will beĀ among the first in the state of Texas, and one of only a handful in the world, to use anthropogenic CO2 as opposed to naturally occurring CO2 for EOR.


For more information, contact: Marc Airhart, Geology Foundation, Jackson School of Geosciences, 512 471 2241

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