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Clean Coal Power Initiative, US

Brief description:

The US Department of Energy's Clean Coal Power Initiative evolved from an earlier programme to develop commercial-scale technologies to combat environmental challenges. The current initiative focuses on coal as the nation's cheapest source of power for the mid to long term, and funds a wide range of research and large-scale projects. The scheme provides government co-financing for new coal technologies that can help cut pollutants, reduce GHG emissions and boost efficiency.

Eight projects were selected for funding in 2003 but just three have been completed. In the second round, in 2004, four projects were chosen of which two are under development and one has been completed - Kemper County IGCC has begun construction during 2011. A third round received additional $800 million of funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Of the six overall projects selected, three projects are still active - including Hydrogen Energy California and Texas Clean Energy Project.

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