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Low Emission Technology Demonstration Fund

Brief description:

The Low Emission Technology Demonstration Fund (LETDF) is managed by Australia's Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, with one third funding from the public sector and two thirds’ funding from the private sector. Its objective was to provide funding for Australian companies to develop innovative and commercially viable energy technologies that deliver long-term reductions in GHG emissions. It also sought to explore the use of overseas technologies that could be adapted for use within the Australian energy sector.

The $500 million fund has backed five key projects that seek to develop low emissions technologies that will eventually be used at commercial scale. Just one funding round was held, applications for which closed in early 2006.

The five supported projects have generated total investments of A$841.3 million. These are

- Chevron’s Gorgon CO2 Injection Project

- CS Energy's Callide Oxyfuel project

- HRL Technology's Mulgrave IDGCC project

- International Power's Hazelwood carbon capture pilot

- a non-CCS project by Solar Systems Generation large-scale solar concentrator power project