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Brief description:

GEOTECHNOLOGIEN is a German R&D programme supporting projects which contribute to the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources. Its steering committee is appointed by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), which has backed the initiative since 2005. The programme unites researchers from the backgrounds of geosciences, physics, chemistry and biology, as well as engineering and IT.

Research projects are undertaken as collaborations between universities and industry. In the first phase (2005-2008), nine interdisciplinary projects focusing on technological, ecological and economic perspectives concerning CO2 storage and monitoring in geological formations received a total of €6.9 million. To quantify the CO2 storage potential for Germany further, a second funding phase (2008-2011) was initiated in 2007, receiving €19.6 million per year. Basic R&D activities without site specification was to receive €8 million per year from 2008 - for monitoring and modelling tools, trapping mechanisms, CO2 mobility, stability and integrity of reservoir and injection wells. Site specific pilot projects as public private partnerships were to be funded with € 9 million per year, starting from 2008.