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Alberta CCS fund

Brief description:

In July 2008, the Government of Alberta committed $2 billion to fund large-scale CCS projects and help to lower the costs of the technology through learning by demonstration. The fund allowed for a maximum of up to 40% of funding allocated during the design and construction stage and up to a further 20% on commercial start-up. The remaining 40% of funding will be paid as CO2 is captured and stored over a maximum period of 10 years.

After a thorough review process, three large-scale projects were selected to receive funding. Overall, these are anticipated to reduce Alberta's CO2 emissions by 4.1 million tonnes annually from 2015:

  • Alberta Carbon Trunk Line ($495 million)
  • Shell Quest ($745 million)
  • Swan Hills Synfuels ($285 million)

Project Pioneer was to receive $436 million, alongside a number of other funding awards, but the project was cancelled in April 2012.