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EU's European Economy Recovery Plan

Brief description:

The European Economic Recovery Plan was proposed by the European Commission in November 2008 and endorsed by the European Council that December. An important part of the plan is aimed at aiding economic recovery by granting financial assistance to projects in the field of energy. These projects must make a clear contribution to the objectives of security of energy supply and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. A € 3.5 billion fund was envisaged for gas and electricity interconnection, next-generation offshore wind and CCS.

The EC believes CCS will help it achieve sustainable power generation from fossil fuels, and globally help to cut GHG emissions by half by 2050, while allowing member states to take full advantage of indigenous resources of coal, oil and gas. The Strategic Energy Technology Plan for Europe envisages, in particular, the commercial use of technologies for CO2 capture, transport and storage through demonstration at industrial scale.

A total of €1 billion was set aside to support the following CCS demonstration projects. A 2011 knowledge sharing event resulted in this publication:

  • Jänschwalde, Germany
  • Porto Tolle/Brindisi, Italy
  • ROAD, The Netherlands
  • Belchatow, Poland
  • Compostilla, Spain
  • Don Valley (formerly Hatfield), UK