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Brief description:

Gassnova was set up by the Norwegian government - initially as an administrative body and then, by 2008, as a state enterprise - to manage interests relating to mitigating climate change and, more specifically, the development and deployment of CCS. It is tasked with overseeing the construction and operation of CCS facilities and infrastructure at the Kårstø gas-fired power plant and Mongstad power plant and nearby refinery. It advises the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy on CCS, and also has a role in the CCS R&D programme, CLIMIT - funded by the Norwegian Gas Technology Fund - in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway. One of its aims is to help reduce the costs of CCS technologies. Gassnova has been instrumental in the realisation of the European CO2 Technology Centre at Mongstad (TCM), which was officially opened in May 2012.


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Dokkvegen 10, N-3920 Porsgrunn. Call +47 40 00 59 08 or email