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Pembina Cardium CO2 Pilot Project

Brief description:


Country: Canada

Project type: Storage

Scale: Small

Status: Completed

Year of operation 2005-07
Industry: Other

Capture method: Post-combustion

Transport of CO2 by: none

Storage site:

Pembina Cardium Pool oilfield

Type of storage: EOR

Cumulative injected:

58,000 tonnes tonnes/CO2


This completed CO2 miscible flood pilot project, led by Penn West, aimed to test the technical and economic feasibility of deploying CO2 EOR in the Pembina Cardium Pool oilfield in Alberta, Canada, and its potential to permanently store significant volumes of CO2.

The project involved the drilling of two new CO2 injection wells and the use of five existing wells, with assistance from, among others, the universities of Calgary and Alberta and the Alberta Geological Survey. The project signed a two-year CO2 supply deal with Ferus Gas Industries in 2005.

Continuous seismic CO2 monitoring formed part of the project. The data obtained showed no faults in the pilot area and no leakage into shallow aquifers during the pilot. However, monitoring work noted difficulty in tracking CO2 within the reservoir using surface seismic data.

Injection was planned at 79 tonnes per day of CO2), with total CO2 injection over a two-year period of 58,000 tonnes of CO2.

Penn West secured federal funding under Natural Resources Canada CCS Incentive Program.

More information and press releases

Annual report, 2006

Other project reports available on the Alberta Innovates website, Pembina page

Seismic Monitoring Program presentation, 2007