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PCC Demo Project

Brief description:


Country: China

Project type: Capture

Scale: Small

Status: Operative

Capital cost: A$4 million

Year of operation 2008
Industry: Coal Power Plant

Capture method: Post-combustion

Capture technology: Amine
New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: none

Type of storage: Not decided

Volume: 3 000 tonnes/CO2


This project is China’s first Post Combustion Capture (PCC) demonstration project. As part of Asia-Pacific Partnership (APP) on Clean Development and Climate (APP), the project is based on the agreement between the Australian government research organization CSIRO and China's Thermal Power Research Institute (TPRI). TPRI will install commission and operate a PCC pilot plant at the Huaneng Beijing Thermal Power Plant, with all of its equipment domestically made.

The A$4 million research project funded by CSIRO will fit a post-combustion capture (PCC) system to one of the Huaneng Group’s pilot plants in Beijing. The project was put into operation on July 17, 2008, with a capability of recovering more than 85 percent of CO2 from flue gases and can thus trap 3,000 tons CO2 annually.