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WA Parish CCS (Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project)

Brief description:


Main developer: NRG Energy

Country: USA

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Large

Status: Under construction

Capital cost: 334 mill US dollar

Year of operation 2015
Industry: Coal Power Plant

MW capacity: 250MW

Capture method: Post-combustion

Capture technology: Amine
New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Type of storage: EOR

Volume: 1.5 million tonnes/CO2


NRG Energy, through its subsidiary Petra Nova, plans to build and operate a commercial scale post-combustion carbon capture project at its WA Parish coal-fired power plant near Richmond, Texas.

The demonstration project is designed to capture 90% of CO2 emissions from a flue gas slipstream of up to 250MW, or 1.5 million tonnes a year. The intention is to prove the Fluor Econamine FG PlusSM amine technology for large-scale use at other coal-fired power plants. The company and its engineering partner, Sargent & Lundy, are also enhancing the efficiency of the plant processes - including steam production and CO2 compression - to reduce energy needs of units equipped with carbon capture systems.

The captured CO2 will be compressed and transported through an 80-mile pipeline to the West Ranch oilfield in Jackson County to be used by operator Hilcorp in its EOR operations. The University of Texas at Austin has received around $19 million from the US Department of Energy and NRG Energy to design and oversee a monitoring plan for storage activity connected to the project.

The project was selected under the third round of the US' Clean Coal Power Initiative to demonstrate low-emission carbon capture and storage technologies in advanced coal-based power generation. The University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology is designing and managing the project's carbon monitoring plans. A draft Environmental Impact Statement was released in September 2012. Read it here.

In August 2012, NRG Energy announced it had begun building a new 75MW natural gas-fired plant to boost capacity at the site. The unit would then be used from 2015 to support operation of the planned post-combustion carbon capture system. The company's 2011 Annual Review continues to make reference to the capture project, though construction is yet to start.

In July 2014, the DOE announced that the construction of the plant had begun.


The facility is scheduled to be operational in 2015. In May 2013 the US DoE announced that it will give $167M to the project.


The total project cost is $334 million with the US Department of Energy's share, under its Clean Coal Power Initiative and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, being $167 million.

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West Ranch Oil Field EOR


David Knox, NRG Energy, 001-713 537-2130 or email

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Main developer: NRG Energy

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