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Lost Cabin

Brief description:


Main developer: ConocoPhillips

Country: USA

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Large

Status: Operative

Year of operation 2013
Industry: Oil and gas processing

Capture method: Natural Gas Separation

New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Storage site:

Bell Creek, Wyoming

Type of storage: EOR

Volume: 1 million tonnes/CO2
Volume: 1 million tonnes/CO2


The Lost Cabin Gas Plant CCS project, in Wyoming, began construction in 2011. It began operating in 2013 (original start-up was scheduled for 2012) with a pre-combustion capture target of 1 million tonnes a year. ConocoPhillips' who now owns the natural gas processing facility, plan to reduce CO2 emissions, which in June 2010 were only granted temporary authorisation by state regulators. They granted a one-year extension allowing a maximum 60 Mmcf of CO2 per day. The maximum operating capacity at the plant is 313 million cubic feet (Mmcf) of gas per day.

The extension is meant to allow ConocoPhillips to move forward with a deal with Denbury Resources - which reportedly completed construction in January 2013 of a 232-mile-long pipeline, at a project cost of $400 million, to carry CO2 from Lost Cabin for use in EOR operations at Denbury's Belle Creek oilfield in southeast Montana. It is estimated that the injection project will increase oil production from existing wells from 1200 barrels per day to a peak response of 7000 barrels per day.

The project has obtained commercial agreements for EOR operations.

The Lost Cabin Gas Plant began operation under Louisiana Land and Exploration, a wholly owned subsidiary of Burlington Resources, in the spring of 1995. It was designed and built by URS.

Other information and press releases

First deliveries from Lost Cabin first quarter of 2013

Denbury completes Lost Cabin EOR pipeline, 11 January 2013

Article on $400m CO2 pipeline project, 10 April 2012

Contact info

Main developer: ConocoPhillips

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