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Le Havre C2A2

Brief description:


Main developer: Alstom Veolia

Country: France

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Small

Status: Identified

Industry: Coal Power Plant

Capture method: Post-combustion

Capture technology: Amine
New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: none

Type of storage: Not decided


EDF's Le Havre power plant

In May 2010, joint partners EDF, Veolia and Alstom announced the start of a project to build and operate a CCS demonstration plant at EDF’s coal-fired power plant at Le Havre, in Normandy. The project secured the backing of the French agency ADEME.

The pilot plant, to be fitted to Unit 4 of the facility, will test amine-based post-combustion capture technology – which has been developed by Alstom and Dow Chemical Company – that will have a specific use within the electricity generating sector. As well as testing the solvent and technology, the pilot will attempt to reduce amine and energy use, with a view to making the technology more commercially viable.

Veolia will be engaged in treating effluents from the demo unit and evaluating the CO2 captured.


The $27 million project has secured 25% funding from the Research Demonstrator Fund, which is administered by France’s national agency ADEME.


The project will run from 2010 to 2013 and will be conducted in three stages – research, construction and operation.

Testing started in July 2013.

More information and press releases

Alstom, EDF test out carbon capture unit, July 17, 2013

EDF press release (in French), 25 may 2010

Powergen article 25 May 2010

Contact info

EDF Caroline Muller,
Alstom Susanne Shields,
Veolia Environnement Stéphane Galfré,

Contact info

Main developer: Alstom Veolia