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Blue Marker Johansen

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Capture Method:
Capture Technology:
Capital cost:
60.8449105736 3.515625


Scale: Small
Type of storage:



Gassco conducted a feasibility study in 2007 to verify if it is technically and economically feasible to transport CO2 in pipelines from the planned carbon capture plants to sub-seafloor geological formations on the Norwegian continental shelf. These studies concluded that the assessed solutions are technically feasible but not commercially viable when using CO2 to enhance oil recovery.

Also in 2007, the Petroleum Directorate was in charge of a feasibility study of alternative storage sites on the shelf. The study indicated three possible storage sites: the Utsira Formation, the Sleipner area and the Johansen Formation.

Between July 2007 and December 2008, Gassco conducted concept studies for pipeline transport of CO2 from Naturkraft’s gas-fired power plant at Kårstø and the energy plant at Mongstad to a long-term geological storage site on the continental shelf. The studied solutions are pipelines from Kårstø and Mongstad to the Sleipner A Platform, the Johansen Formation and the Utsira Formation in the Sleipner area (Utsira South).

Concept studies were also conducted with help from, among others, StatoilHydro to further develop storage alternatives. In this phase, the Petroleum Directorate was in charge of collecting seismic data of the Johansen Formation.

As a storage site, the Johansen Formation is for the time being not mature enough to meet the schedule for CO2 Kårstø. It is not considered as realistic to sufficiently mature this alternative in time for an investment decision in autumn 2009.

However, the assessment of the Johansen Formation will be continued, in order to mature the alternative as a storage site for CO2 from Mongstad and possibly other sources.

In addition to Gassnova’s and Gassco’s project planning work, contracts have been awarded, e.g. for the design of transport pipelines, seafloor installations and subsurface services. IKM Oecean Design has been awarded a contract for pipeline design engineering. Aker Solutions has been awarded the contract for seafloor installations, whereas Ross Offshore is performing pre-engineering of subsurface work to continue the work carried out by the Petroleum Directorate in the concept phase.