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Japan-China EOR project

Brief description:


Main developer: China National Petroleum Company

Country: China

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Large

Status: Identified

Capital cost: $300 million

Industry: Coal Power Plant

Capture method: Post-combustion

New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Storage site:

Daqing Oilfield

Type of storage: EOR

Volume: 1-3 million tonnes/CO2


As members of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, Japan and China reached an agreement in 2008 to cooperate on a joint CCS project, which would use CO2 captured from two 600MW coal-fired power plants in China in enhanced oil recovery operations.

Between 1 million and 3 million tonnes per annum of CO2 were to be captured at Harbin Thermal Power Plant, Heilungkiang province, then transported 100km by pipeline for injection at Daqing oilfield, China’s largest. As well as significantly increasing production, it was reported that the oilfield could store more than 150 million tonnes of CO2 in the long term.

The project partners include Japan’s Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth (RITE), Toyota Motor Company and JGC Corporation. China’s China National Petroleum Corporation is a non-governmental implementation body for the project, with support from Daqing Oil Field Ltd, Harbin district government, Harbin Utilities Company and China Huadian Corporation.

The project’s first CCS-EOR workshop was held in September 2009 in Beijing, China.  No further details on project progress are available. However, RITE’s website still cites a specific MoU with China for CCS activities.

RITE international CCS activity

RITE presentation on CCS activities with China, October 2009

Capture Ready project details (last updated 2011)

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Main developer: China National Petroleum Company