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Heartland Area Redwater storage Project (HARP)


Main developer: ARC Energy Trust

Country: Canada

Project type: Storage

Scale: Small

Status: Dormant

Year of operation suspended

Transport of CO2 by: none

Type of storage: Aquifers



According to media reports, this project was suspended indefinitely in autumn 2011, with ARC Resources stating uncertainty surrounding Alberta’s evolving CCS rules as contributing to its shelving. The company also cited economic issues.

The Heartland Area Redwater Project, led by ARC Resources and the Alberta Research Council, was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of safe CO2 storage in the Redwater Leduc Reef, situated north-east of Edmonton, Alberta. The site is close to Alberta's industrial heartland region, where there are a number of large industrial sources of greenhouse gas emissions, including chemical and fertilizer plants and several oil sands upgraders that are operating, being built or in the planning stages.

The project was to have three phases - phase one evaluating the size and suitability of the site for CO2 capture and storage, phase two drilling of a well to collect more detailed data, and phase three to demonstrate actual CO2 injection and storage.

The Redwater Leduc Reef is strategically located along a straight-line path between Fort McMurray and Edmonton, a potential route for a CO2 pipeline from Fort McMurray. Preliminary work estimated the total storage capacity of the saline aquifer portion of the reef to be one gigatonne of CO2.

If the Redwater Leduc Reef complex could store as much as 1000 megatonnes of CO2, this could accommodate more than 20 years worth of CO2 emissions from large emitting facilities existing and planned for the industrial heartland area.

The first phase was being funded $1.8 million by ARC Resources, the Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI) and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

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Main developer: ARC Energy Trust

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