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Redwater Leduc Reef complex

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Blue Marker Redwater Leduc Reef complex

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Capture Method:
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53.9489558 -113.1284896


Scale: Large
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Illustration of the Heartland Area Redwater Project

Led by ARC Energy Trust and the Alberta Research Council Inc., the Heartland Area Redwater Project will evaluate the potential for the Redwater Leduc Reef complex to store as much as 1,000 Megatonnes of CO2.  This could accommodate more than 20 years worth of CO2 emissions from the large emitting facilities existing and planned for the Industrial Heartland Area.

This site is located close to the Alberta Industrial Heartland region, where there are a number of large industrial sources of greenhouse gas emissions, including chemical and fertilizer plants and several oil sands upgraders that are operating, being built or in the planning stages. The Redwater Leduc Reef is also strategically located along a straight-line path between Fort McMurray and Edmonton, a potential route for a CO2 pipeline from Fort McMurray. Preliminary work estimates the total storage capacity of the saline aquifer portion of the reef to be one gigaton of CO2.


A Project (The Heartland Area Redwater Project - HARP), is started to designed to demonstrate the feasibility of safe CO2 storage in the Redwater Leduc Reef, situated northeast of Edmonton, Alberta.

“We’ve looked at the geology across the province, and we feel this area has ideal attributes for a CO2 capture and storage project,” says Dr. William Gunter, the Alberta Research Council’s principal scientist for CCS.


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