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East Irish Sea CO2 storage project

Brief description:


Main developer: Peel Energy Petrofac (CO2DeepStore)

Country: United Kingdom

Project type: Storagesite

Scale: Large

Status: Identified

Year of operation 2016
Industry: Other

New or retrofit: New
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Type of storage: Depleted Gas Reservoir


Centrica's East Irish Sea assets

This joint venture by CO2DeepStore and Peel Energy is progressing with feasibility studies and funding bids to develop a possible CO2 storage cluster in the East Irish Sea - utilising depleted hydrocarbon fields and saline aquifers - where captured CO2 from the Peel Energy's proposed new Hunterston power plant could be stored permanently. The storage site's location would also be suitable for other emissions sources, such as potential cluster projects in the north west of England. First injection is provisionally planned for 2016.

Initial conceptual studies suggest that key Hamilton, Morecambe Bay and Liverpool Bay fields could provide total storage of around 1,148 million tonnes of CO2 (see concept design below, p12)

CO2DeepStore would operate the storage venture, with parent company Petrofac providing offshore engineering, modification and operations services.


Peel Energy has submitted a bid for funding support from the European Union’s NER300 fund. The venture has also expressed interest in the UK's £1 billion CCS Commercialisation Programme, launched in April 2012.

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Eunomia concept design, February 2011

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Main developer: Peel Energy Petrofac (CO2DeepStore)

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