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Kingsnorth post-combustion project

Brief description:


This project is cancelled, as of March 2012. The current facility will close in March 2013.


Main developer: E.ON

Country: United Kingdom

Project type: Capture Storage

Scale: Large

Status: Cancelled

Industry: Coal Power Plant

MW capacity: 1600

Capture method: Post-combustion

New or retrofit: New
Transport of CO2 by: Pipeline

Type of storage: Depleted Gas Reservoir


The existing Kingsnorth power station Credit: Ifor R Griffiths

CANCELLED: In March 2012, E.ON announced that it would be closing its Kingsnorth power station in March 2013. It also said it would be withdrawing its application for consent for two new coal-fired units, which were to be fitted with CCS. The company said it would share the results of the project to date with others.

Despite reports that E.ON’s plans for a new 1,600MW supercritical coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth, in Kent, had been shelved in late 2009, the company later revealed it had applied for funding for its proposals – which included carbon capture and storage – through the UK government’s CCS competition. E.ON’s proposals reached the second stage of the competition and received part-funding from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change towards a FEED study in March 2010. Around the same time, the company submitted plans seeking environmental approval of a CO2 pipeline that would form part of the project.

However, in October 2010, E.ON withdrew Kingsnorth from the government’s CCS competition, citing economic hurdles to the construction of the power plant.

E.On’s project partners were Arup (project management), the Electric Power Research Institute (technology sharing), Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (carbon capture technology), Penspen, E.ON Gas Storage (CO2 storage) and Foster Wheeler Energy (capture plant engineering and project management).


Although plans to build the new power plant are dormant, the company is continuing with the FEED study in order to gain information on CCS that can be shared more widely. The existing Kingsnorth power station will now close in March 2013.


E.ON had planned to build a 270km pipeline from Kingsnorth, across the Hoo Peninsula, to a subsea trench leading to the depleted Hewett gas field in the southern North Sea. The pipeline would have had the capacity to carry 24 million tonnes of CO2 each year to storage sites under the North Sea.

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Jonathan Smith, E.ON Press Office, on 024-7618 3676 or email

Contact info

Main developer: E.ON