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Southern Company

Brief description:

Southern Company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the US' largest electricity producers. It is currently the 16th largest utility company in the world and the fourth largest in the US. Through its subsidiaries it owns and operates more than 42,000MW of generation capacity and serves 4.3 million customers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. It is the parent company of Alabama Power company, Georgia Power company, Gulf Power company, and Mississippi Power company.

Southern Company manages and operates the US Department of Energy's National Carbon Capture Center in Alabama, which is developing advanced technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coal-based power generation. The centre works with scientists and technology developers from government, industry and universities who are creating the next generation of carbon capture technologies.


Contact information:
30 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. NW Atlanta, GA 30308 Call 001-404/506-5000