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Pembina Institute

Brief description:

The Pembina Institute was esablished in 1985. It continues to pioneer practical, multi-stakeholder solutions to energy and environmental issues across Canada.

In 2009, the Pembina Institute was selected as one of Tides Top 10 [external link] by Tides Canada, a national leader in cutting-edge environmental and social philanthropy.


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) could capture an estimated 15 to 55 per cent of the world's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Pembina Institute views CCS as one of a number of potentially effective technologies for reducing GHG emissions on the scale required to combat catastrophic climate change. It is also critical that CCS is seen as part of a portfolio of solutions and that we ensure adequate attention is also paid to more sustainable, low-impact solutions such as ramping up on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The urgent need to deal with Canada’s rising emissions (up 26 per cent since 1990) compels consideration of CCS, but it is not without environmental risks and barriers to implementation.