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FERTIL - Ruwais Fertilizer Industries

Brief description:

FERTIL was established in 1980 through an Amiri Decree. Joint Venture between ADNOC and TOTAL:
ADNOC and TOTALĀ  (66.67% andĀ  33.33%).

The Construction for 1,000 MTPD Ammonia Plant and 1,500 MTPD Urea Plant along with associated Utilities and Ammonia/Urea Storages and Product Handling Facilities, began in December 1980.

The Urea Debottlenecking Project with CO2 capture was started in 2007.


Contact information:
FERTIL P.O. Box: 2288, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Fax: +971 2 6786259 Telex: 23550 FERTIL EM E-mail: