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US Department of Energy

Brief description:

The US Department of Energy is a federal government agency which aims to ensure security and prosperity by meeting energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through research and developments. It was created in 1977. The US’ Energy Policy Act of 2005 tasked the Department of Energy with setting up programmes in cooperation with industry for CCS R&D, demonstration, and commercial deployment over ten years. The US Climate Change Technology Program, managed by the DoE focuses on five technologies, with CCS as its “third goal”. The government provides loans through the DoE for early stage CCS projects. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act also provides additional funding for the DoE’s Office of Fossil Energy. In 2010, a CCS taskforce was set up, co-chaired by DoE and Environmental Protection Agency to develop a plan that would see the “cost-effective deployment of CCS” within 10 years, with a goal of ensuring between five and 10 commercial demonstration projects were online by 2016.


Contact information:
1000 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20585. Call main switchboard on 001-202-586-5000