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Clean Coal Power Initiative Program

Brief description:

This US Department of Energy initiative derives from a joint programme set up in the late 1980s with industry and state agencies to support the development of new technologies towards their commercial use.

The Clean Coal Power Initiative focuses specifically on technologies that will allow the continued use of coal for generating power while tackling climate change and environmental impacts. To that end, the DoE has made a commitment to developing advanced "clean coal" technologies. The scheme provides US government co-financing for technologies that will cut emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and mercury pollutants from power plants, and reduce greenhouse gases through CCS, and facilities with enhanced efficiency.

Eight projects were backed under the first round of funding, of which three have been completed. Four projects were selected from the second round, with three currently under development (including Kemper County IGCC). In December 2009, the DoE selected three new projects with a value of $3.18 billion.

The projects have been selected for their ability to:

make progress toward a target CO2 capture efficiency of 90%;

make progress toward a capture and sequestration goal of less than 10% increase in the cost of electricity for gasification systems and less than 35% for combustion and oxycombustion systems; and

capture and sequester or put to beneficial use an amount of CO2 emissions in excess of the minimum of 300,000 tonnes per year required by CCPI.

More details on the CCPI here.