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Brief description:

CEPAC was established in 2007 as a 'Centre for Excellence in Research and Innovation in Petroleum, Mineral Resources and Carbon Storage'. It is Brazil's first such R&D agency and has a dual role of developing technologies for climate change mitigation and energy production. Its research goals are to analysis of viability, risk, capacity and economic feasibility of CO2 geological storage, within and outwith the energy sector. It undertakes pilot and demonstration projects for CO2 storage and energy production in Brazil.

It is a joint initiative of state oil company Petrobras and Pontifícia Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), through the Environment and Natural Resources Institute and Chemistry Faculty, and involves more than 60 specialists from different disciplines, including geologists, geographers, chemists and engineers.


Contact information:
Av. Ipiranga, 6681, Prédio 96J, CEP 90619-900, Porto Alegre - RS - Brasil, call 55-51-33203689