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Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CCPC)

Brief description:

The Canadian Clean Power Coalition (CCPC) is an association of responsible, leading Canadian electricity producers. The CCPC believes that coal, along with a diverse mix of fuels like hydro, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear, will play an important role in meeting the energy needs of the future.

The CCPC's mandate is to research technologies with the goal of developing and advancing commercially viable solutions that lower coal power plant emissions.  Our objective is to find ways to generate electricity from coal that effectively and economically address environmental issues - including CO2 emissions - and move us forward to a cleaner energy future.  The CCPC and its members have spent more than $50 million furthering this objective.

The CCPC was created in 2000 to ensure that environmental public policy decisions recognize Canada's vast coal resources as an important Canadian asset.  Today, CCPC is advancing the technologies needed to build cleaner, more efficient, more economical coal-fueled power plants.

CCPC's members include - Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Capital Power, Nova Scotia Power, SaskPower, Sherritt and TransAlta - as well as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as an associate member.  Support and additional research funding has come from NRCan, Alberta Innovates-Energy and Environment Solutions (formerly AERI), Saskatchewan Energy & Resources and Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.  The CCPC is interested in expanding its membership and collaborating with other entities to further its objectives.

The CCPC is completing its third phase of study on emerging technologies to reduce emissions from coal plants.  The CCPC aims to communicate the results of our work and the work of other reputable sources of information related to cleaner coal technologies.  Please contact us if you have any questions, technologies or information you would like to share with us.


CCPC Studies

The CCPC is completing its third phase of study on emerging technologies to reduce emissions from coal plants.

  • PHASE I - Feasibility studies to reduce emissions from coal plants
  • PHASE II - Study of post combustion, oxyfuel and gasification technologies
  • PHASE III - Study of advances in technologies to reduce GHG emissions