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Australian Coal Association

Brief description:

The Australian Coal Association (ACA), based in Canberra, represents the country's black coal industry. It has 25 member companies which mostly have operations in New South Wales and Queensland, which provide 97% of Australia’s black coal. Other members operate in Western Australia and Tasmania. Working with all levels of government, from local to federal, the ACA focuses on policy development and promotes the long-term future of an "environmentally sustainable coal mining industry". It also has links with other resource sector advocacy groups, such as the NSW Minerals Council and the Queensland Resources Council.

In 2006 the Australian Coal Association established the COAL21 Fund, with a commitment to raise $1 billion over ten years to support the development of low emission technologies for coal. It also coordinates the Australian Coal Association Research Program, which focuses on underground storage, sustainability, coal preparation and GHG mitigation.


Contact information:
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