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Alberta Research Council

Brief description:

The Alberta Research Council develops and helps partners deploy leading edge technology in the province, across the country and around the world.  The returns on the Alberta Research Council’s projects contribute to building a prosperous province, securing a sustainable future and maintaining a high quality of life for Albertans.

Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures is a pioneer in developing innovative ways of converting, capturing and storing carbon. We began investigating carbon technologies in the 1980's, and we've gained extensive experience leading major research projects involving industry and government.

We take pride in our international reputation as experts in carbon research and technologies.

  • We develop cost-effective solutions for the safe capture, use and storage of CO2.
  • We have the leading authorities on CCS on our team, including Nobel Laureates Dr. Stefan Bachu and Dr. William Gunter.
  • We work together with an international network of specialists to maximize the global knowledge base.

Our expertise has been demonstrated in critical technologies, including:

  • gasification (CO2 conversion)
  • gas separation (CO2 capture)
  • geological storage
    • site characterization and storage capacity estimation
    • modelling, economics, monitoring, measurement and verification
    • CO2 enhanced coalbed methane (ECBM) recovery
    • CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
    • acid gas injection
    • storage in deep saline aquifers

Our team includes some of the world's leaders in CO2 mitigation technologies. This network gives us incomparable access to global knowledge and experience in carbon management activities.