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Energy Strategy of Romania, adopted in 2007, is currently under review taking into account the legislative package targets and new conditions such as the uncertainty of the situation in the region (like gas crisis was in December 2008).

For developing the energy strategy until 2020, the Ministry of Economy has achieved a minimum cost development study of the energy sector, which targets the time horizon 2025, even 2030, which has to be reviewed considering the new Energy-Climate Change package.

The forecast on the economic development of Romania in the period 2007-2020 (prepared by the National Commission for Prognosis and presented within the Energy Strategy of Romania) was a fundament for defining the main macroeconomic indicators used in determining the evolution of GHG emissions in Romania. The existing energy Strategy has also to be review based on the actual economic and financial crisis in the entire world.  

In 2007 the Government made a draft of Climate Change and Sustainable Development Strategy for period 2008-2012. This has to be review by extending the period to 2020 and taking into account the legislative package targets. There is an intention to be made a common Strategy for Energy and Climate Change.

                                      % of power generation                         GWh (electricity)                          CO2 emissions (million tonnes) from electricity

Coal                                42,50                                                   27 531                                           28,9

Gas                                  12,70                                                   8 226                                            4,2

Oil                                    1,04                                                     676                                               0,5

Total                                 56,24                                                  36 433                                            33,6

Government commitment

In April 2011, the government released its National Reform Programme (2011-2013) with a commitment to reduce emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 relative to 1990, primarily through  CCS. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment is managing the National Programme for Carbon Capture and Storage. It is believed to be considering the possibility of a new tax on energy consumers with a view to ensuring financing for CCS projects.

In 2010, the Prime Minister and relevant ministers signed an action plan for a national CCS  demonstration project. The plan provides for studies and projects to be carried out by 2015.

Work is also under way to transpose the EC CCS Directive, and this means the country is eligible to access funding under the NER300. It has submitted the Turceni CCS project to the current NER process.

The National Sustainable Development Strategy 2013-2020-2030 states that the use of clean technologies for power and heat production will be expanded in generating plants – including the use of high efficiency technologies and facilities for the capture and underground storage of CO2.

National CCS supporting programmes and plans for full-scale CCS

1 There is a Memorandum - “Action Plan To Implement A Demonstration Project Regarding Carbon Capture And Storage (Carbon Capture And Storage - CCS) In Romania” signed between the ministers involved and by Prime Minister, which establish the steps that has to be done to achieve the target

2 ISPE (Institute for Energetic Studies and Projects) and GeoEcoMar (National Institute for Research and Development in Geology and Geoecology,) have been part of various projects proposals sponsored from national research and development funds and have proposed several research themes 

3 ISPE and GeoEcoMar are representing Romania in several European networks as ZEP (Zero Emission Platform) - Advisory Council and Governmental Group, ENeRG, CO2 Net and FENCO ERA, being involved in EU and/or national funded R&D projects like CASTOR, EU GeoCapacity (Assessing European Capacity for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide) CO2 NetEast (CO2 capture and storage networking extension to new member states), Impact of Communication (Scrutinizing the impact of CCS communication on the general and local public).

4 There is a pre-feasibility study for a new unit of 500 MW using local lignite in CEN Craiova – Isalnita designed “capture ready”. It is already a pre-selection proceeding to choose a possible Investor for this project.

5 A feasibility study was performed at the end of 2009 for a new unit of 500 MW on local lignite, also “capture ready” in existing power plant, CE Rovinari

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