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Brief description:


Country: Germany

Project type: Storage

Scale: Small

Status: Completed

Year of operation 2008-2013

Transport of CO2 by: Road

Type of storage: Aquifers

Cumulative injected:

67 000 tonnes/CO2


Aerial view of the Ketzin pilot site from July 2011

At Ketzin, near Berlin, the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences operates Europe’s longest-running on-shore CO2 storage site. Predominantly within the frame of the EU project CO2SINK (2004-2010) and the nationally funded follow-up project CO2MAN (2010-2013) the Ketzin pilot site has been developed and the infrastructure been built. Six scientific institutions are currently involved in the CO2MAN project. Furthermore, the collaboration with industry partners allows connecting the research and technology aspects. The project ended as planned in 2013 after having injected 67 000 tonnes of CO2 in th epilot site.

At the pilot site Ketzin, CO2 of very high purity is injected via one injection well into 630 to 650 m deep sandstone units since June 2008; as of November 2011, in total about 55,000 tons. Mainly food-grade CO2 (purity of > 99.9 %) is used. During an experiment in spring 2011, also 1,500 tons CO2 from the Schwarze Pumpe oxyfuel pilot plant (purity of > 99.7 %) were utilized. Performing this experiment was a further step for realizing the whole CCS idea, including capture, transport and storage.

Since the start of the CO2 injection, the operation has been running reliably and safely.

A multi-disciplinary monitoring approach combines geological, geophysical and geochemical investigations for a comprehensive characterization of the reservoir and the migration of the injected CO2. The Ketzin project successfully demonstrates CO2 storage in a saline aquifer on a research scale. The extensive monitoring program is capable of detecting CO2 on different scales and gives no indication for any leakage.


  • PD Dr. Michael Kühn (, Head of the Centre of CO2 Storage at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
  • Dr. Sonja Martens (, Coordinator of the CO2MAN project.

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