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Brief description:

The CLIMIT programme for power generation with carbon capture and storage is managed by Norway's state enterprise for CCS, Gassnova, in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway. RCN is responsible for research projects, while Gassnova supports prototype and demonstration projects with commercial-scale potential.

The programme's overall aims are to support the development of innovative, cutting-edge and cost-efficient technology for the full CCS chain, including:

  • CO2 capture before, during or after power production
  • compression and handling of CO2
  • transport of CO2
  • long-term storage of CO2 and other areas of application

The programme aims to provide long-term support for R&D in defined areas of priority, and contribute to piloting and demonstration of known technology within the near term. It anticipates that these technologies will be deployed in the first full-scale demonstration plants, expected by 2015-20.It also seeks to contribute to the commercialisation of new, pioneering technology after 2015-20.

More details can be found in the CLIMIT programme plan.

Access the CLIMIT project portfolio here.


Projects in CLIMIT: