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CCS Flagship Program

Brief description:

The $1.9 billion CCS Flagships Program is administered by Australia’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. It is part of an expanded $5.1 billion Clean Energy Initiative and complements the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. The programme has emerged from the National Low Emissions Coal Initiative, which has been undertaking research, demonstration, mapping and infrastructure work, and also includes the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute – set up by the government to fast-track the development of commercial-scale CCS projects world-wide. The National Low Emissions Coal Council has been a key consultant for the programme.

The programme aims to fund projects that demonstrate the large-scale use of integrated CCS in Australia and support widespread national and international use of CCS technology from 2020. Four CCS projects were shortlisted for CCS Flagship Program funding at the end of 2009 – Wandoan and ZeroGen in Queensland, Collie South West Hub in Western Australia and CarbonNet in Victoria.