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Brief description:


Main developer: GDF SUEZ

Country: France

Project type: Capture

Scale: Small

Status: Identified

Year of operation 2009
Industry: Other

Capture method: Oxyfuel

New or retrofit: Retrofit
Transport of CO2 by: none

Type of storage: Not decided


ANR TACoMA is a national project being coordinated by GDF Suez’s research and innovation division. Other partners include IFP (the French Institute of Petroleum), French supermajor Total and ICARE (CNRS).

The project, which stands for ‘advanced combustion techniques to control atmospheric emissions’, has tested and evaluated a flameless oxycombustion process that could potentially improve energy efficiency and optimise CO2 capture. The ultimate aim is to develop combustion systems that can be retrofitted to existing industrial furnaces and be built into new ones, which are carbon-capture ready.

Results of the testing phase of the project concluded that the process had improved energy efficiency within a test 500KW furnace and offered the potential to be retrofitted to existing furnaces. These findings will be used in the eventual design of industrial-scale units, after further development and design.


Funding for the project came from ANR, the French National Research Agency.


The project began in December 2006 and followed three key steps, involving academic research, an experimental stage of the combustion model that included a test facility, and evaluation of the economic viability of the solution.

More information and press releases

GDF Suez paper on ANR TACoMA, 2009

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Main developer: GDF SUEZ

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