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CCS – Laying the foundation for a full-scale plant in Norway within 2020 starts now

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Let us think ahead regarding CCS. This is how ZERO’s Gøril Andreassen opened the ZERO Breakfast on May 27: What now, CCS? How can Norway front the development of CCS.

Gøril Andreassen, ZERO

ZERO opened the seminar by asking that the Norwegian government launch a CCS competition for government funding to build a full-scale plant.  In May the government presented its revised national budget. The budget described today’s situation, but there were no guidelines for the future and how to reach their own goal; a full-scale CCS plant by 2020. Several of the participants at the ZERO breakfast also commented on this.

After ZERO’s opening of the seminar, Trygve Østmo from The Federation of Norwegian Industries presented their reactions to the government’s CCS strategy, and Per Brevik from Norcem and Lisa Winther from Shell presented their CCS projects.  The Federation of Norwegian Industries sent their suggestions to the government early in May this year.  Their main focus is that Norway has to contribute to lowering the prices by building a full-scale CCS plant and building a value chain for capture, transportation and storage where all parts of the chain are looked after.

Per Brevik built on Østmo’s presentation and showed the different capture technologies that Norcem are testing at their cement plant in Brevik, Norway. Norcem’s goal is to have products with zero emissions throughout their lifespan. Shell, represented by Lisa Winther, presented several of their CCS projects, among others the gas power plant Peterhead, which is a part of the British CCS Commercialisation Competition. She underlined that financial support from the government is crucial to develop the technology before it is launched on a commercial scale.

Gøril Andreassen then opened the political debate, which focused on what the next step is for Norway and CCS. Tina Bru (The Conservative Party of Norway), Heikki Holmås (The Socialist Left Party), Rasmus Hansson (The Green Party), and Ola Elvestuen (The Liberal Party) all agreed that ZERO’s idea to launch a competition is interesting. – There is no lack of political will, said Ola Elvestuen. The participants also agreed that the ground rules for the competition have to be set now to secure a sensible incentive structure and risk distribution.

However, the parties do not agree on how to implement such a competition. Tina Bru said that one has to have a European perspective, and quite possibly go outside the Norwegian borders to see where it will make most sense to deploy a CCS plant. Heikki Holmås was not convinced that this is a good idea.

Lastly, Holmås had a message to the government: CCS in Norway is at a critical stage.  The government has to make decisions now, or there is a risk that we cannot carry out a full-scale CCS plant in Norway. Tina Bru also had some expentations from the government: The main focus has to be to realize a full-scale plant. - I expect there to be a CCS strategy in the national budget in 2015, Bru concluded.

You can watch the whole seminar here (In Norwegian).


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