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Gassco finishes Naturkraft Integration Mapping Study

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Gassco has performed a mapping study to evaluate various degrees of integration between Naturkraft’s gas power plant and the Kårstø gas processing plant. The study describes a staged development by supplying heat and power from Naturkraft to the gas processing plant and a stepwise electrification of compressors until all existing CO2 emissions from boilers and gas turbines at the gas processing plant are either captured or replaced by steam generated at Naturkraft’s power plant.

Photo: Tonje Sæther/ZERO

This mapping study describes the integration scenarios studied at a pre-feasibility level and unclassified cost estimates are established for all integration scenarios. 


Five integration scenarios have been studied. The starting point is based on several assumptions; continuous operation of Naturkraft’s gas power plant and the CO2 Capture and Storage chain installed and operated (Gassnova), herein referred to as integration scenario 0, 


  • Integration scenario 1; is based on 145 tonnes per hour of high pressure steam deliveries from Naturkraft to the Kårstø gas processing plant and subsequently decommissioning of the GE / Moss boiler. This integration scenario is reducing the emissions of CO2 at Kårstø by approximately 250,000 tonnes per year. 


  • Integration scenario 2; is based on integration scenario 1 plus fuelling of Naturkraft’s gas power plant with CO2-rich CRAIER gas from Kårstø gas processing plant, further reducing the CO2 emissions at Kårstø with approximately 170,000 tonnes CO2 per year to a total of 420,000 tonnes CO2 per year. 


  • Integration scenario 3; is based on integration scenario 2 plus electrification of the three existing Statpipe compressors at the gas processing plant. Additional steam production capacity is required at Naturkraft to supply sufficient back-up capacity. The electrification project will require a new temporary and flexible compressor to maintain capacity and regularity during construction. Integration scenario 3 further reduces the CO2 emissions at Kårstø by approximately 240,000 tonnes CO2 per year, to a total annual reduction of 660,000 tonnes. 


  • Integration scenario 4; is similar to scenario 3, except that two new compressor trains are installed at a new location to replace the existing three Statpipe compressors, hence the new temporary and flexibility compressor will not be necessary. The CO2 reductions will be identical to the reductions in integration scenario 3. 


  • Integration scenario 5; is principally based on integration scenario 4 plus electrification of the two Åsgard compressors and a new temporary and flexibility compressor. The total high pressure steam demand in the integration scenario 5 is based on 600 tonnes per hour and will require full back-up capacity for 300 tonnes per hour. It is therefore in this study suggested to install a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant specially designed to meet the requirements of the Kårstø gas processing plant. Such a new CHP would require extension of Gassnova’s CO2 Capture Plant. All existing CO2 emissions from the Kårstø gas processing plant would be either captured or removed by utilising steam generated at Naturkraft’s modified power plant, except for marginal CO2 emissions from the CO2 capture process.  
Read the complete report here.


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