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Diagnosing CCS at ZERO14

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Is CCS really sick?, asked Sarah Forbes from World Resources Institute (WRI) at the Zero Emission Conference in Oslo today, after ZERO asked a group of four panelists to diagnose CCS.

ZERO released a report today, Diagnosing CCS, which looks at the largest developments within CCS the past year. We asked Sarah Forbes from WRI, Mike Monea from SaskPower, Per Brevik from NORCEM and Tina Bru from the Norwegian Conservative Party to help us set a diagnose.

Forbes answered her own question: -It is not really sick. It is more like when you run a marathon, it feels easy in the beginning and then suddenly you are at a point when it gets really hard. But that changes, and you finalize and succeed.

Mike Monea shared his experiences from building Boundary Dam, and said that government support is crucial for the first movers, because being first is expensive. He invited the other panelists and the audience to come and visit Boundary Dam and to learn from their successes and mistakes.

At NORCEM they welcome the Norwegian government’s initiative to explore full-chain CCS possibilities in Norway. Per Brevik said that financial drivers is key to initiate bigger investments for the industrial sector.

Tina Bru from the Norwegian Conservative Party probably had the toughest job defending the government’s CCS policy, or lack of it. She admitted that it might be hard to reach the ambitious goal of a full-scale project in Norway, but she also added that support for CCS projects outside Norway did not mean that we can not have a Norwegian project in the future. In conclusion she said that to be really successful, it might be necessary to develop other and new policy instruments for CCS in Norway.

Read the full ZERO report here.


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