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COP21: International environmental NGOs urges goverments to act for CCS

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Carbon capture and storage technology, which can dramatically reduce carbon pollution from industry and biomass facilities, as well as gas- and coal-fired power plants, has made great strides, but government policies are urgently needed if this piece of the climate mitigation portfolio is to be deployed widely, according to a new report released today. The ENGOS analyzis the status for CCS, gives recommendations forward globally and for their regions, including Norway.

Dave Hawkins in NRDC at the press release at COP21

Closing the Gap on Climate: Why CCS is a Vital Part of the Solution was released by members of the ENGO Network on CCS at the international conference on climate change in Paris.

-New government policies, without question, are the missing ingredient today, and the key to enabling substantial and faster adoption of CCS technology, alongside other climate-protection technologies that enable further reductions in CO2 emissions, said David Hawkins, director of the climate program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental advocacy organization.

-With each passing year, the need grows for more rapid deployment of all climate mitigation solutions. Our new report is a fresh reminder that CCS is not just about coal, Hawkins said. -It is also applicable to natural gas-fired power generation and to key industrial sectors, such as cement, steel and chemicals, he said. With a host of operating projects as living proof, CCS technology is a reality now and not a theoretical future prospect.

ZERO provides the chapter on Norway. -For the development of CCS in Norway, the Government must fulfil its promise to build full-scale CCS projects, while also establishing infrastructure for transport and storage. Further, a new political framework must be put into place to make CCS economically feasible for industry, said Camilla Svendsen Skriung in ZERO.
-Funds must be granted in the state budget for the entire planning period of the three potential Norwegan projects, so that there will not be new periods of time lost due to anticipation of new political budgetary decisions, she said and added -For further advices on policy framework read the report.

Key report conclusions include the following:

● Large-scale CCS deployment that will meaningfully accelerate global decarbonization efforts depends on political will to address the delaying tactics of fossil fuel interests over the past decade.

● For CCS to deliver on its significant potential, concerted government action at the regional, national and international levels is needed in order to provide a stable market signal and investor certainty.

● More large-scale integrated projects need to be deployed to a degree that will enable movement beyond the initial high-cost phase inherent to any technology that has not yet achieved widespread use. Regulatory, policy and market conditions need to drive widespread CCS investment and cost-reductions through learning and economies of scale.

Network members urge that the Paris agreements also focus on ensuring sufficient funding for CCS deployment globally, and on a mechanism for the transfer of relevant knowledge and know-how from industrialized to developing countries.

Members of the international ENGO Network on CCS share knowledge and work toward common positions and public responses to international developments related to CCS. Network members are: The Bellona Foundation, Clean Air Task Force, The Climate Institute, E3G, Environmental Defense Fund, Green Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Pembina Institute, Sandbag, World Resources Institute, and Zero Emission Resource Organisation.


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